Top 8 Reasons to Love Local

As someone who is not from the Corning, NY area, I am blown away by the surrounding sense of community and comradery radiating from the local residents. From the best ice cream shop in town to the infamous Atlas-Rico’s-Aniello’s pizza debacle, everyone has a favorite shop that they stand by as their own. And not one of these heartfelt opinions is about a national chain.

We at Bottles & Corks know and love reasons for shopping local and supporting the community. But we wanted to share our thoughts on shopping local and want to hear your thoughts as well! So here’s our “Top 8 Reasons to Love Local” list:

8.  Build Community

A community is all about the people in it. Relating, conversing, coming together and supporting each other. From grabbing a slice at Aniello’s, to a delicious cup of coffee at Soulful Cup, to sampling a glass at your favorite wine and spirits store, there is a sense of “This is my town, these are my places”. We are Corning/Elmira/Horseheads/Bath, and we’re proud.


Heron Hill Eclipse 2013 in Crystal City Olive Oil

7.  Supporting Those You Know

As people, we are astoundingly more likely to purchase items or shop in stores based on personal recommendations from people we know. We trust them, and their suggestions because of it. When you know the owner of the store, meet them, and see them out in your community, there is a relationship created that makes shopping there that much more enjoyable – it’s like buying from a friend.

Lamoreaux Chardonnay 2009 at Hand and Foot

Lamoreaux Chardonnay 2009 at Hand and Foot

6.  Experiencing the Region

A stone’s throw from the Finger Lakes and in the heart of the Southern Tier, our region is unlike any other spot in NY and is different from anywhere else in the country. Those who visit want to be immersed in the town and region, and experience the shops and sites that make it great, and unique. B&C abundantly stocks and supports Finger Lakes wineries and distributors because we know how amazing this region is, and we want everyone to love it as much as we do!

Damiani Wine Cellars Vino Rosso

Damiani Wine Cellars Vino Rosso

5.  Products for You vs. National Scale

Without the little mom-and-pop stores, all towns would have large conglomerates with all of the same items in every location. Boring! Small local shops are centered on the owner’s and community’s interests, and cater their items to match those interests. So you know that when you visit those stores, you’re guaranteed to find something you like!

4.  Local Supports Local

Being a local store owner, the people who run the small-town businesses know how important shopping local is to the community and other small business owners. As a result, owners are more likely to support fellow local businesses and town events. By shopping with them, you know where all your favorite items are coming from, such as our wines from Finger Lakes wineries, and you know that your support is being pumped back into the local community.

Bellangelo Moscato 2013 in Market Street Antiques & Collectibles

Bellangelo Moscato 2013 in Market Street Antiques & Collectibles

3.  Convenience

The whole idea of a local shop is that it’s local. As in, close to those who shop and support them. Part of their appeal is that they are nearby, convenient, and accessible to their clientele.  Who wants to take the time and energy to commute to the larger stores when you can simply pop in next door? Not I.

Bottles & Corks selection in Hand and Foot

Bottles & Corks selection in Hand and Foot

2.  They Value You

Local store owners know how incredibly important their customer base is. Customers are not just numbers, but important people that allow them to run a business they love. The customer is valued, taken care of and attended to. Our rallying behind them is crucial to sustaining their operation and the community as a whole.

And the most important reason to love local is….

1.  Personal and Individual Customer Service

While this may seem like a given for all businesses, it is the lifeblood of local businesses. With a smaller business, more time and attention can be given to addressing the needs and wants of their customers. From special ordering products to helping you find the perfect bottle of wine for Thanksgiving; from greeting you by name when you walk in to knowing the “usual” order – all these things make small businesses stand out in the crowd. We want to be your favorite store from the moment you walk in until long past the time you leave.

At Bottles & Corks, we strive to be that store for you – the one you brag about to friends, the one you are excited to go to every week, and the one that is actually fun to shop at.

What are your favorite reasons to “Love Local”? Share them with us!


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Kelsey is new to Bottles & Corks, and relatively new to the Corning, NY region – but is certainly not new to wine! She enjoys trying new recommendations and developing her palate while immersing herself in the Finger Lakes wine culture. When she isn’t working as a marketing consultant, she enjoys exploring the Corning sites and spending her evenings with her husband watching Netflix (with wine of course!).