The Best Fall Drinks (For When You Hate Fall)

Hi, my name is Trish, and I hate Fall.

There. I said it.

Ok, ok, before I lose you all, just let me explain.

My first fall here was so beautiful! I was in awe. I went up and down the Finger Lakes with my mouth agape for the entire time, collecting fall leaves, dancing and chasing every piece of ‘golden confetti’ as it rained down on Market Street like a child, taking 100 Instagram pics along the way, boasting to my friends and family in Australia just how lucky I was. Then with a cold snap of Mother Nature’s fingers, I was rudely awoken to the reality of living in the northeast.


It was then I learnt that fall gently lulls you into a brief but potent and very false sense of security, a deceptive veil of giddiness like that third glass of champagne that tells you “you’re doing fine, you should totally dance!”, the bright, shiny object, the keys I dangle in front of my infant child before she gets her vaccination shots.

Yes, Fall is essentially nature’s bug zapper.

Now I just appreciate fall through my wine glass. Because my wine glass would never betray me. My wine glass is my friend.

So whether you’re mourning the loss of summer, or ready to experience every bit of fall from the tree tops to your table top, here are a list of awesome beverages for celebrations or commiserations:


Add me to your pumpkin spice latte!

Nothing basic about a spiked PSL! I don’t see them serving this at Starbucks anytime soon. 😉

Baileys Pumpkin (Ireland)

Luxurious baked pumpkin, sweet cinnamon and grandma’s spices, this fall version of a classic Baileys has hints of vanilla and coffee, perfect to chuck in your latte or chai tea. Enjoy!


Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast pumpkin spiced rum (USA)

A depth of spice that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from the Captain, but it works! The flavors of spiced rum + pumpkin spice is great served as a chilled shot, or an easy way to add fall spice to any cocktail this season. The bottle is super festive and a real collector’s treat, so don’t miss out!

Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast pumpkin

Four Fights Emperial Cinnamoon (Corning, New York)

Building on an original classic, the strong corn flavors of this New York whiskey complements the woodsy, aromatic spice of Cinnamon. This complexity brings a sweet and savory tone to an already comforting spirit, smooth on its own, with a lingering bite. Perfect to add a different level of warmth this winter.

Four Fights Emperial Cinnamoon

Celebrate in season!

Congratulations! When you have a reason to celebrate this fall, do it in the style of the season.

Juve y Camps Cava Brut (Spain)

Less like pumpkin and more like a crisp apple, this spanish Brut is crisp and tart like a perfectly ripe, cool, Autumn apple. Picture yourself in the orchards with this in your hand, and cheers to fall in style!

Juve y Camps Cava Brut

Standard Cider Co. True Thirst Ginger Cider (Hudson Valley, New York)

This cider is a blend of five native apples grown and made in the Hudson Valley. It’s flavors of sweet apple and cake spice tastes like a cold, fizzy apple pie in your mouth. What’s not to celebrate?!

Standard Cider Co. True Thirst Ginger Cider

The best part of fall is Halloween!

Bogle Phantom (California)

A connoisseur wine that you don’t need a big budget for. This mysterious but winning blend of red haunts loyal fans this time, every year. With each vintage being hunted down as somewhat of a collector’s item just in time for Halloween celebrations.

Bogle Phantom

Miles Ghost (Finger Lakes, New York)

Legend has it that Miles Winery on Seneca Lake is famously haunted in a non-scary, but very real, kind of way. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this gorgeous blend of Chardonnay and Cayuga varietals are packaged are a winning combination, coupled with the unique bottle to emphasise the ghost-like silhouette that lurks on the Finger Lakes property. Spooky but tasty!

Miles Ghost
I hope this list of wines softens the blow of the inevitable arrival of our cold, dark winter. If we can’t avoid it, we should definitely make the most of it. Chin up, bottoms up, and good luck this coming winter… May the odds be ever in your favor!

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