Bottles & Corks Bride Guide: Country Chic

In the fairytale season of “I do’s”, brides and loved ones scramble to plan countless details.

Amidst the planning, a trendy drink menu could easily slip between the ring fingers! Wherever your bouquet may land or garter slides, we have the quintessential drink guide for every bride.

The Bottles & Corks Bride Guide is a blog series that features 4 of the hottest wedding styles, and the best beverages worthy of one of the most memorable days of your lives!


Which one are you ?


You’re a shabby-chic, barn yard type of gal whose vibrant personality alone, is the single best decor accessory for your wedding. But since your guests gotta drink here’s a list for the bold and spunky country bride.

Here’s one for the underdogs

Bring on the class, sass, and cowboy boots. The label here, says it all.

You guys, it’s in burlap - too perfect!

This Cabernet Sauvignon wrapped in burlap, could easily line your farmhouse tables at your reception!

This is Country Wedding 101

It’s not a country wedding without some Crown Royal Whiskey in your hard ginger ale!

Grab a hay bale. It’s time to country!

This whiskey is simple and sweet and great for the outside festivities. How will you have it? On the rocks, of course.

What, did you think mason jars wouldn’t get a mention?

Who doesn’t want their guests walking around with hard cider in mason jars? Made from the best apples in New York and stored in oak barrels.

It’s your time to tie the knot, so saddle up and get ready to show off that country spirit on your big day.


Destiny Haag-Rampersad is a plant obsessed, poetry lover, abstract art seeker, and dancer at heart. Travel and marketing photography is her new, creative outlet and she can’t get enough of it. Living in the Finger Lakes region has been perfect for her to explore and capture its true beauty.

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