Bottles & Corks Bride Guide: Glam and Glitter

In the fairytale season of “I do’s”, brides and loved ones scramble to plan countless details.

Amidst the planning, a trendy drink menu could easily slip between the ring fingers! Wherever your bouquet may land or garter slides, we have the quintessential drink guide for every bride.

The Bottles & Corks Bride Guide is a blog series that features 4 of the hottest wedding styles, and the best beverages worthy of one of the most memorable days of your lives!


Which one are you ?


The finer things in life, ahh…yes! The fairytale magic must come to life on your big day. These charming drinks will certainly deliver your princess feels.

Charming, fruity, and elegant, this rosé champagne is the real deal and the pinnacle of glam.


Pour in flute with gold rock candy along the rim.

Glam like Carrie and the girls!

You and your lavished guests will enjoy the bursting flavors of this summery cosmo. And you’ll always feel sophisticated with a martini glass in hand.


Grey Goose le Citron Vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry juice. Garnish with lemon peel.

Velvety red means luxury

Nothing beats how red wine can dress up reception tables. Valpolicella is known for its rich color and unique fermentation process.

This color is dreamy!

Dreams do come true! This acai berry liqueur is rich and fruity with chocolate spice and berry flavors. It’s truly decadent.


Add glittery bubbles by pouring in sparkling water.

So, so girly! You’ll love it!

Fun, bubbly and pink.This kinky pink drink is truly for the girly glam bride.


Add with Dekuyper Peachtree Schnapps for a bridal party shooter, or spritz it up with a 7-Up!

Get ready for the glitter! You and your stilettos are about to have the most gorgeous day of your life.


Destiny Haag-Rampersad is a plant obsessed, poetry lover, abstract art seeker, and dancer at heart. Travel and marketing photography is her new, creative outlet and she can’t get enough of it. Living in the Finger Lakes region has been perfect for her to explore and capture its true beauty.

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