Summer Getaway Drinks


It’s the time of year to revel in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a getaway weekend, celebrating a holiday, a staycation at the local lake, or finally visiting the family cabin. The choices of summertime festivities are many, and time is limited, so we put together our favorite drinks you can’t forget to add on the camping list!

1. Lakeside Lounging

Lakeside summer days doesn’t get any better, until you have the perfect drink in-hand to top off those summer feels.

Blue Chair Bay rums has a variety of flavors to accompany your shoreside weekend. A particular fav is the, “Burning Leaves” cocktail using the vanilla blue bay rum.

2 oz. Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum, 1.5 oz. bourbon, 2 orange peels, 3 dashes of bitters and, .25 oz. of simple syrup. Pour all ingredients into glass.

2. Deep Wilderness

Nothing beats the zen of the deep woods, the wilderness coos or the breathtaking picturesque scenery. This next drink will only enhance those woodland thrills, and is definitely worth the extra weight in your pack.

What better way to accompany your peaceful sunrises and sunsets, other than with a cup of joe and splash of Jack Morgans Cream Liqueur? Bring your outdoorsman experience full circle with this smooth, decadent dream in a cup!

3. Picnic Goers

For those spontaneous moments when you decide to throw everything in a basket and go outside to enjoy a few people’s company and the gorgeous weather. We have the perfect picnic pick to pour in your glass!

This refreshing, ruby Shania Sangria has dark berry and light spice aromas, with orange zest flavors. Make your impromptu adventure even more memorable sipping on picnic-style sangria!

4. Twinkling Tippees

Who said you had to rough-it to camp? Not anymore! Your stay underneath the stars in glowing layered tepees awaits you. And your drink must match your lavish sleeping quarters.

This is why we’ve selected the newly released Suite 101 gin from local, Four Fights Distilling, for the 21st century “Glamper”! A finishing-touch essential for camping in style, it has fresh floral herbs, hints of lime and earthy spices.

Add some tonic water to this bad boy, and you’ve got yourself enchantment in a cup

5. Cabin Hideaway

Authentic log cabin getaways are a dream (in the woods) come true. Home away from home calls for a red wine that’ll enhance those serene, rustic cabin vibes.

This 2011 Cabernet Franc from Shaw vineyards is an artisanal favorite in the Finger Lakes of NY and has all the right woodsy notes to make your cabin stay even more  tranquil.

Gear up to make your campfire tales, skinny dipping dares, ooey-gooey s’more sessions and, star gazing nights unforgettable ones.


Destiny Haag-Rampersad is a plant obsessed, poetry lover, abstract art seeker, and dancer at heart. Travel and marketing photography is her new, creative outlet and she can’t get enough of it. Living in the Finger Lakes region has been perfect for her to explore and capture its true beauty.

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